Low waste living

On this page you will find all our tips to switch to a plastic free lifestyle, step by step.

Plastic is everywhere, it's a real challenge to change habits and find alternatives, it takes a lot of rethinking. We know because we've been there.

Our first advice is: use what you have and then when you have to replace an item, take the time to think about what you need, ask questions to the brands you've found (don't believe marketing claims, there's a lot of greenwashing out there unfortunately) and ask around, there are many groups (Facebook, Reddit, etc) where people share their experience.

Don't forget to celebrate your victories, share them with your friends and family to inspire them, and leave a review to your local businesses and brands that are making so much efforts to offer plastic free solutions, they need your support.

Thank you for starting this journey and for doing your part to protect our precious planet, we hope our tips will be helpful! 

Plastic Free July 2020

In 2020 we decided to talk about a variety of environmental issues beyond plastic cups and straws. Scroll down to learn tips, information, and action items on issues ranging from environmental justice to recycling to COVID-19.

We hope this will be helpful during your plastic free journey!

people united against plastic pollution

Day 1: Reusables and COVID 19

Day 2: Plastic Peak Foundation

Day 4: Buy Nothing Project

Day 5: Environmental Justice: Plastic Production 

Day 6: Gardening

Day 7: Food Deserts and Plastic Waste

Day 9: It's All Connected

Day 10: Our Favorite Unpackaged Products!

Day 11: Food Waste and Gardening 

Day 13: Money-Saving Plastic Free Swaps

Day 14: Offset Your Carbon Emissions 

Day 15: Farmers' Markets

Day 16: Call On Companies to Reduce Plastics  

Day 17: Secondhand Furniture 

Day 19: Compost

Day 21: Support Restaurants and Reduce Waste

Day 23: A Sustainable Garden

Day 25: Offset your Carbon Footprint

Day 27: DIY with Bulk Ingredients

Day 29: Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips

Day 31: More Local Plastic Free Solutions!


Plastic Free July 2019

With the impacts of the climate crisis becoming increasingly apparent, the problem has only gotten more dire and the need to make enormous changes in our lives is pressing. The lifestyles we lead in Western countries are not sustainable, and we don’t acknowledge that the countries who have contributed the least to this problem are suffering first and worst.

So in 2019, we used Plastic Free July to discuss solutions to the plastic crisis and the climate crisis. For instance, buying a shampoo bar is a great choice to reduce single-use plastic. But if it’s shipped from the other side of the world, is it really worth it? The issues go hand-in-hand. 

We at FillGood are not perfect either; we just want to give you the tools to start making more sustainable decisions, whether you’re buying a toothbrush or trying out meatless Monday.

July 3rd: Stay Solid

July 5th: Safe Under the Sun

July 7th: Sustainable Travel

July 9th: Closing the Refill Loop

July 11th: Eat Less Meat

July 13th: Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

July 15th: Shop Local 

July 17th: Back to School

July 19th: Food Waste

July 22: Save Water

July 24: Buy Less

July 26: Plastic-Free Laundry 

July 28: Save Energy 

July 30: Plastic Free Vacation

Plastic Free July 2018

This Plastic Free Challenge was co-written by Fillgood and Zero Waste California and inspired by the Plastic Free July Foundation!

You can try one action a day, or one a week, it's really up to you.

How It Works

Day 1: Why reducing disposable plastics in our daily life?

WEEK 1: Be Plastic Free On The Go

Day 2: No more disposable plastic straws!

Day 3: Utensils on the go

Day 4: Refill your water bottle

Day 5: Bring your own mug

Day 6: Reusable Bags

Day 7: Bring your own Containers

Day 8: Week 1 Summary

Week 2: Plastic Free Kitchen

plastic free zero waste kitchenDay 9 : No more paper towels

Day 10: Food storage

Day 11: Shopping in bulk

Day 12: Composting

Day 13: Cleaning

Day 14: Dog Food

Day 15: Week 2 summary

Week 3: Plastic Free Bathroom

zero waste bathroom plastic freeDay 16: Brush without plastic 

Day 17: Mascara

Day 18: Plastic Free. Period.

Day 19: Shaving

Day 20: Shampoo, soap, conditioner

Day 21: Refilling lotions and more!

Day 22: Week 3 summary

Week 4: Living Plastic Free with Kids

zero waste classroom berkeley

(Picture credit: SF Chronicle

Day 23: Back to School

Day 24: Toys

Day 25: Kids Birthday Party

Day 26: Cloth and Compostable Diapers

Day 27: Cloth wipes and DIY lotion

Day 28: Buy Second Hand

Day 29: Week 4 Summary

Last Plastic Free Living Tips!

Day 30: Inspire others

Day 31: You did it, celebrate! 

zero waste chef quote