Reducing our environmental footprint is our top priority: whatever we do, we always have the planet and people's health in mind.

 natural zero waste products

Fillgood is a certified California Green Business.

We believe that the climate crisis is one of the biggest emergencies humanity is facing, and we want to do everything we can as a business, as individuals, and as community members to try to fight it.  

Products sourced with the planet and you in mind. 

First, we choose to work with companies that align with our values. The products we selected are cruelty free, non toxic, most are vegan and organic, made from ingredients and materials we can stand behind. Second, we ask our suppliers to ship us their products without plastic and to bundle our orders-- the little plastic that we do receive in our shipments is reused.

All of our products come in compostable, reusable, or recyclable packaging, and always plastic-free. Any containers you don’t have a use for, such as metal tins or glass jars, can be returned to us to be cleaned and reused.

We are going a step further by working with companies that will help us close the loop, meaning we want to support businesses that will refill the empty containers that their products came to us in. If we can't return our bulk containers, they are reused or donated to community members to be repurposed. 

We believe in planning for the long run, which is why we offer products that will last a lifetime. Items like stainless steel razors, metal straws, and stainless steel containers can be cleaned and reused forever.

Orders shipped and delivered with as small of an impact as possible.

Your orders will arrive in reusable bags filled with nothing but your products (and sometimes reused paper to keep your soaps safe!).

Reducing deliveries carbon footprint is essential:

  • We group orders so we only deliver to each area once a week or every other week
  • We encourage you to bundle your purchases: you save money and help us keep our carbon footprint low
  • When we start delivering in a new area, we offer pickup locations to reduce the amount we’re driving.
  • When we deliver your orders, we map out the most efficient route possible to bring your products to you in our electric and hybrid vehicles.

We ship out all orders in reused boxes and keep your stuff safe with reused paper packing materials, or 100% recycled and recyclable paper envelopes. The tape we use to seal our boxes is also plastic-free.

Carbon offsets and Renewable Energy

After optimizing our process as much as we can, the last step is to offset our carbon emissions from deliveries and to purchase renewable electricity for our office and our store. We chose to purchase our carbon offsets and Renewable Electricity Certificates (RECs) from Bonneville Environmental Foundation because we love the work they're doing. Blog post coming soon to learn more about carbon offsets and renewable energy!  

We believe in community. 

Our job is not just to sell stuff, but provide resources for people to reduce their waste and engage with the community. Our founder Stephanie is a co-admin of the Facebook group Zero Waste San Francisco as well as a member of the Plastic Reduction Working Group, a Berkeley/ Albany group that meets once a month to discuss ways to raise awareness about plastic pollution. 

We love to get engaged in the community through things like our partnership with the Berkeley Ecology Center and our refill booths at farmer’s markets,. 

We post fun and educational blogs on our website to help our community learn more about sustainability and waste reduction. 

We’re a small business, and we love to get to know our customers. Come into our store, ask questions, chat with us on Facebook, & share tips-- the best way to make change happen is to keep inspiring each other!  


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