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The Idea

Fillgood was born when I took a class about recycling in San Francisco. I was struck to learn how much plastic we throw away everyday. A portion of it is not recyclable and will stay in landfills for thousands of year. On the other end, recycling is not a long term solution: it highly depends on oil prices; plastic can only be recycled once and then ends up in landfills, again. On top of that, we produce so much plastic waste we can’t manage that we have to export a substantial part to Asia.

Nearly every piece of plastic that was ever manufactured still exists. The world can't seem to get enough of this material, every year we produce more and more of it. What are we going to do with it?

Plastic : From Convenience To Massive Ocean Pollution 

As a result of our plastic addiction, five gigantic plastic soups, called plastic gyres, have formed in our oceans. These plastics don’t biodegrade, they slowly decompose into very small pieces that easily absorb pollutants. Fish mistake them for food and now this toxic plastic is making its way onto our plates.

It’s obvious that it's urgent to decrease our plastic consumption, especially single use plastic packaging that comes with the goods we buy everyday. These are not made to last : we throw them away and repeatedly replace them with new ones, thus creating more waste and extracting ever more natural resources, more energy, endlessly. It just doesn't make sense.

I'm convinced there’s another way, that's why I created Fillgood : a zero waste alternative to product packaging. Our philosophy is all about designing, producing and consuming without waste as an end product.

We Can Do Better Than Recycling, We Can REUSE

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So plastic recycling is not a long term solution. The good news is we can all make minor changes that will have huge benefits for our planet and for our health. One step at a time, it's even an opportunity to get very creative!

Going zero waste with Fillgood is simple. Thanks to online ordering and a weekly local delivery, we provide reusable glass containers that we refill on demand with skincare products and cleaning products. It’s a convenient way to reduce single use plastic waste and I hope that it will encourage more people to include reusing in their everyday life.

Now what about the products you could ask! Because I care deeply about their potential impacts on our health and our environment, you’ll only find truly natural products, carefully screened. There are only good options and they all meet high standards.

Now you can protect our planet from plastic pollution while enjoying the best environmentally friendly products around!

Stéphanie Regni, founder