When and where do you deliver in the Bay Area? Do you have pickup locations?
We do home deliveries and we have several pickup locations in the Bay Area. Check out these pages with all the informations about our pickup locations and delivery areas

Do you have a store? I'd like to see your products.
We do! Come shop plastic-free and refill your bottles.

We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturdays, Sundays from 10am to 5pm. 

The address is: 1579A Solano ave, Berkeley CA 94707  

Learn more here.

How much does it cost to get my order delivered in the Bay Area?

  • Home Delivery: $25 minimum order - $5 delivery fee, or free for orders over $60.
  • Pickup at the store in Albany: No minimum order - Free pickup.
  • Pickup locations: $25 minimum order - $5 delivery fee, or free for orders over $40 - 3%off with the code PICKUP3. 

Can I order if I don't live in the Bay Area? Do you ship refills?
Yes you can order if you don't live in the Bay Area! Just know that we ship everything except refills in glass jars. Because shipping would be very expensive and you wouldn't be able to return the empty jars if you don't live in the Bay Area.
Basically, we don't ship liquids: laundry liquid, all purpose cleaner, dish liquid, liquid castile soap, 

How much does shipping cost?
There's a $5 flat fee and it's free for orders over $60.

Can you deliver if I’m not home?
Yes, we can deliver if you're not home, as long as there is a safe place to leave our delivery bag.  For apartment buildings, if you're not home, leave us a note in your order with informations to access the building and your door. It's very important to us that you find your order when you come back home! 

Why can't I choose my delivery day?
By grouping deliveries on the same day, we are able to more efficiently route our delivery vehicle, which reduces our carbon footprint and helps keep our delivery costs low. 



How does the refill service work?
We are like the modern milk man! Check out our Home Delivery page to learn how it works.

Is there a deposit on the containers?
Not yet. In the meantime, we ask our customers to return their empty containers on delivery day. When they don't, we charge a fee:

  • Hand soap refill container : $2
  • Dish liquid / All purpose cleaner refill container : $2
  • Dishwasher powder / Laundry powder refill container: $2
  • Laundry liquid refill container : $5 

Can I give you my own containers for a refill, even if they have a different size?

You can use your own containers in our store only. For home deliveries, we cannot accept refill containers that are different from ours. It's too complicated to manage different sizes and would increase the cost of our service.

You can purchase a refill and pour it in your favorite container or dispenser at home. We'll collect our empty jar on the next delivery day.



How are your products packaged when you receive them from the manufacturers ?
We are very proud to say that we have a closed loop system with almost all our bulk suppliers. It means that we return the bulk containers when they are empty, they will be cleaned and refilled. Meliora, Puretergent, Oneka, Dr Bronners, Zatik, Rustic Strengths, LAMissApple, Plaine Products are the brands who are closing the loop with us!

When we can't return containers, we reuse. We get bubble bath in 1 gallon containers; when they are empty, we reuse them to deliver laundry liquid by the gallon.

We ask all our suppliers to ship products to us without plastic. Most of the time they are packaged in cardboard boxes and paper wraps. We reuse some of the boxes and wraps to ship orders, we donate to anyone interested and we bring the rest to our local recycling center.

In the end, we produce very little trash every month: mostly packing tape from the shipment we get.



    How did you select the products you sell?
    For us, what’s inside the bottles matters as much as the outside. We are committed to provide truly natural and safe products, carefully selected : 

    • We’ve selected products made with 100% natural ingredients. You’ll never find endocrine disruptors, artificial preservatives, petroleum derivatives, artificial fragrances, or anything that's not EWG safe in our store. 
    • The brands we’ve partnered with are strongly committed to protect the planet by using cruelty free and natural ingredients. 
    • Some products contain palm oil derivatives but they always come from certified sustainable sources only, so they don’t participate to deforestation.
    • Every ingredients contained in the products are disclosed, and nothing is hidden from the customer.

    Are your products vegan?
    Almost all of our products are vegan! Check the ingredients lists and contact us if you have any questions.

      Are your products cruelty free?
      Yes, all of them!

      Dishwasher powder: do I need to use rinse aid?
      Normally it's not necessary unless you have hard water; in this case we recommend using our rinse aid or white vinegar; it's all natural and works great!



      We don't offer subscriptions anymore so all our customers have access to the same prices. 



      I'd like to add products to an order I already placed but I don't want to be charged for delivery again. What do I do?
      You can place a new order and select "Bundle" at checkout.