Plastic Free July: Week 2 Summary!

plastic free july challenge kitchen

The second week of our Plastic-Free July challenge is over! If you made it so far, congrats and thank you for following Fillgood and Zero Waste California everyday! 

Celebrate your week’s plastic-free victories, be proud about yourself because changing habits requires efforts and discipline. And you’re doing something good for you and for the world!

Just like we did for week 1, here’s a summary of week 2: save it, share it, print it and put it on your fridge… anything that will help you remember what to do.

How was the challenge for you? What was the easiest change? The most difficult one? 

Here’s what my week looked like:

  • 0 paper towels at home, but some napkins on-the-go
  • Food storage: I found a last piece of plastic film in a kitchen’s drawer, I put it in the trash, our home is officially plastic-film free! 
  • I did my weekly bulk shopping
  • Compost: we use the city compost. This morning we watched the World Cup in San Francisco (I’m french, we won!!!): there was no compost bin so I put our food scraps in a paper bag and kept them for our compost bin at home.
  • Cleaning: I’ve tried homemade toilet fizzies, made by a friend. A fun alternative to using just a tablespoon of pure baking soda! Recipe in the Day 13 blog post.
  • Dog: we don’t have a dog but my sister does, I’ve shared with her a couple of plastic-free advices :-)
Enjoy your plastic-free victories and see you tomorrow for Week 3!

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