plastic free july

Welcome to the Plastic Free Challenge co-written by Fillgood and Zero Waste California and inspired by the Plastic Free July Foundation!

It was launched in July 2018, as part of the worldwide Plastic Free July movement. But you can start it anytime!

To make it easier for you to follow, on this page you'll find a summary of all the daily plastic free actions. You can try one action a day, or one a week, it's really up to you.

Ready? Set, Go!

How It Works

Day 1: Why reducing disposable plastics in our daily life?

WEEK 1: Be Plastic Free On The Go

plastic free utensils on the go

Day 2: No more disposable plastic straws!

Day 3: Utensils on the go

Day 4: Refill your water bottle

Day 5: Bring your own mug

Day 6: Reusable Bags

Day 7: Bring your own Containers

Day 8: Week 1 Summary

Week 2: Plastic Free Kitchen

plastic free zero waste kitchen 

Day 9 : No more paper towels

Day 10: Food storage

Day 11: Shopping in bulk

Day 12: Composting

Day 13: Cleaning

Day 14: Dog Food

Day 15: Week 2 summary

Week 3: Plastic Free Bathroom

zero waste bathroom plastic free 

Day 16: Brush without plastic 

Day 17: Mascara

Day 18: Plastic Free. Period.

Day 19: Shaving

Day 20: Shampoo, soap, conditioner

Day 21: Refilling lotions and more!

Day 22: Week 3 summary

Week 4: Living Plastic Free with Kids

zero waste classroom berkeley

(Picture credit: SF Chronicle

Day 23: Back to School

Day 24: Toys

Day 25: Kids Birthday Party

Day 26: Cloth and Compostable Diapers

Day 27: Cloth wipes and DIY lotion

Day 28: Buy Second Hand

Day 29: Week 4 Summary


Last Plastic Free Living Tips!

Day 30: Inspire others

Day 31: You did it, celebrate!