Plastic Free July Challenge Last Day: You Did It, Celebrate!

Congratulations! You have completed the 31 Day Plastic Free July Challenge.

We definitely hope that your plastic free habits don’t end with July. We also hope you found these changes to not only be easy, but to be a little fun, too. Stay strong! Always #RefuseTheStraw and stop the #SingleUseAbuse by not purchasing disposable plastics.

You deserve to celebrate your success and reward yourself for being such an awesome, eco-friendly human! Follow our last tips to host a zero waste party!!

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Plastic Free July Challenge Day 30: Inspire Others!

Our Plastic Free July Challenge is almost over. If all went well, maybe by now you have adopted new habits to reduce disposable plastics in your life. Maybe you even started talking about that with your friends and awakened their curiosity. That’s step 2: you’re spreading the word! 

Joining local zero waste groups online or for meetups and beach cleanups, sharing your experience... Once you have the zero waste confidence, you can start inspiring others and make a great impact!

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Plastic Free July: Week 4 Summary!

4th week of Plastic Free July. We talked about plastic free school supplies, second hand toys and clothes, sustainable birthday parties, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, diaper lotion. Thank you for reading our tips every day!Read more