Plastic Free Challenge Day 28: Second Hand Clothes

The Earth is drowning in unwanted clothes. Each year, the average American throws away 65-80 pounds of clothing. In fact, next to oil companies, fashion is the dirtiest industry in the world. Today's post discusses topics ranging from buying second hand for kids, hosting clothes swap, buying clothes from sustainable companies and donating.Read more

Plastic Free July Day 27: Cloth Wipes and DIY Lotion

Wipes are an essential as soon as you have children, every parents need them on hand. That’s why disposable wipes have become so popular, not only for kids; several billions are used every year in the US. But this is a terrible product for the environment, city sewers and our health. The solution: cloth wipes (buy or make your own) and a "french" diaper change lotion you will fell in love with. Check out our recipe!

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Plastic Free July Day 26: Diapers

3 reasons why parents should take the time to compare disposable and reusable diapers. 18 billion diapers are discarded in the US every year. Most synthetic disposable diapers still contain chemicals that babies should never be in contact with. Disposable diapers cost way more than cloth diapers. Learn more about 2 sustainable diapering options!

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