Your Favorite Refill Store is Getting Bigger!

Mark you calendars: we are very excited to announce that on Saturday August 22nd we are opening our new store on Solano ave in Berkeley!

We are deeply grateful for all the support we received from the very beginning in 2017. Thanks to you all we are now taking another big step in the plastic-free direction!

Don't worry, we are staying local.

1579 A Solano ave, Berkeley will be our new location: much more space dedicated to low waste living and more visibility to spread the word about solutions against plastic pollution. It's a dream come true!

Our current Albany location will close its doors on August 19th, after the lasts appointments. No in store shopping will be available on the 20th and the 21st as we will be moving boxes :-)

A Zero Waste space renovated with Eco-Friendly materials

We worked very hard in the past 2 months to create a Zero Waste Heaven, we can't wait to open our doors!

If you follow us on social media, maybe you saw that our new space was renovated with eco-friendly materials to stay true to our values:

Let's celebrate!

We will have a raffle during the opening weekend with lots of prizes donated by the wonderful brands we work with: Anato, Ecolunchboxes, Albatross, Brush with Bamboo, Puretergent, Meow Meow Tweet, Raw Elements, LAMissApple, etc.
There will only be winners!

COVID 19 Guidelines: How to safely shop in the store

From the beginning of the shelter in place in March, our priority has been to protect our team and our customers. We will continue to strictly follow the Alameda county and the city of Berkeley health department guidelines. 

Thank you for your full cooperation when you come visit us!

1 - Face covering and hand sanitizing are required in the store. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Once your hands are clean, it's important to avoid any potential cross contamination: that's why we ask you to not touch your personal belongings, like your phone, while you shop. This way, you are free to browse the products on the shelves.

2 - Do not come if you have a fever or any symptoms per CDC guidelines. Likewise, our team members are asked to stay home if they feel sick. 

3 - Maintain a physical distance of 6’ while you wait in line outside and with our team in the store, as much as possible.

4 - Bulk products. We will refill containers for you. You can use our containers or bring your own jars as long as they are clean. We will sanitize the outside of your jars with hydrogen peroxide. Then tell us what you need and how much, and we will prepare your refills!

5 - You can bring your own reusable bag. Keep it with you and use it only when it's time to bag your purchases. It's safe as long as our team doesn't have to manipulate it. We wipe the counter with a safe disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide, after each customer, as well as high contact surfaces. This and washing your hands before shopping is the best way to reduce risks of spreading the virus.

6 - Payment. We can do contactless payment by credit card or you can pay by cash if you have the exact change. 

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