Plastic Free July 2023

This is our 7th Plastic Free July!
For those of you who haven't heard about this movement, here's what to know.

🌎 Plastic Free July is a global movement that aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic pollution and encourages individuals to reduce their plastic consumption. The campaign was initially started in 2011 by the Plastic Free Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Australia, and has gained significant traction worldwide since then. This campaign has inspired 100+ million participants in 190 countries

🌎 During the month of July, participants are encouraged to take a pledge to refuse single-use plastics and make an effort to find alternative, more sustainable options. The goal is to promote behavior change and foster new habits that can extend beyond the month of July.   

🌎 Plastic Free July also serves as a platform for education and advocacy, with participants sharing their experiences, tips, and challenges through social media and other channels.

🌎 By encouraging individuals to reduce their plastic consumption, Plastic Free July aims to create a lasting impact and promote a more sustainable and plastic-conscious society. It raises awareness about the need for systemic changes and the development of sustainable alternatives to plastic. 

Transitioning to a plastic-free lifestyle requires a collective effort, and small changes made by individuals can have a cumulative and positive impact on the planet's health and well-being.

Happy Plastic-Free July!!


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