Earth Day Event: Sunday April 16 on Solano Avenue!

Mark your calendars for an exciting event happening this Sunday!

In collaboration with the Solano Avenue Association's "Stroll-ish" festival, we are teaming up with four local groups with a shared passion for environmental conservation.

This event is a fantastic opportunity for you, your family, and your business to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint and become more sustainable. The event will be held at Solano-Peralta Park, just west of Talavera at 1559 Solano Avenue.

Don't forget to participate in our special Earth Month game, where you could win eco-friendly goodies!

Let's introduce you to the four local groups who will be joining us:

🌎 The Albany Climate Action Coalition is made up of passionate citizens who are striving towards a carbon-neutral future for Albany. The Coalition works to inform, motivate and energize the community to take action towards this goal. With the recent passage of the city's Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, they are working harder than ever to implement effective programs and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

🌎 The Albany High School Climate Justice Club is a group of dedicated high school students who are part of UC Berkeley's Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC). They aim to educate students in the AUSD school district about complex environmental issues, including current events. They also offer community service opportunities and collaborate with other environmental organizations in the East Bay.

🌎 Albany Strollers & Rollers is a non-profit organization that focuses on pedestrian and bicycle safety in and around Albany. They work to provide services and create safe spaces for human-scale transportation. With almost 50% of local greenhouse gas emissions coming from motorized transportation, promoting active transportation is crucial in meeting a city's climate goals. Stop by to learn how you can reduce your transportation carbon footprint, ask questions, and get involved in promoting active transportation in Albany!

🌎 The Plastic Reduction Working Group is a community-based group located in the East Bay, dedicated to finding solutions and sharing resources to reduce plastic waste.

We hope to see you at the event to join in the conversation about the many solutions that are at our disposal to protect our unique planet!

Join the conversation!