We were featured in the Washington Post!


Stephanie, our founder, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Coren, the WP Climate Coach, along with one of our favorite environmental non-profit, Beyond Plastics. She shared her journey as a zero-waste entrepreneur and her insights on solid products as an eco-friendly solution to eliminate the need for plastic packaging. 

As a result, the past two weeks have been incredibly busy! If you visited our store recently, you likely noticed the stacks of packages. We're profoundly thankful for the exposure this article has given us, enabling us to share our mission with thousands of people across the country!

You can read the article here.

The article delves into the ongoing shift away from single-use plastics and the rediscovery of traditional formulations for home and personal care products. Many everyday items, such as shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, come in plastic containers filled with water, which contributes to waste and environmental issues, as we discussed many times in previous newsletters.

We're particularly delighted that Michael Coren decided to focus his article on the alternative approach of using products in bar, powder, tablet, and concentrate forms to reduce plastic waste. 

Products highlighted in the article:

Toothpaste tablets

Hand soap tablets

Shampoo bars


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