Refillosophy: How It Works

Our Refill Service is designed to allow you to live plastic free as easily as possible, just follow these simple steps!

First Order

Step 1: Choose Your Dispenser

Add our refillable glass containers with pumps to your cart.
If you’d like to use your own bottles, skip this step and go to Step 2.

Step 2: Select Your Refills

Add product refills to your cart.
If you’d like to receive automatic refills without having to order each time, sign up for our subscription program and get a 10% discount. Don’t worry, you can change products and delivery frequency anytime!

Step 3: Set Up Delivery

Next, let us know where you want your products dropped off. Leave us a note when you place your order, especially if you live in an apartment or gated community.

Deliveries are grouped by area to limit our carbon footprint. And we use a hybrid car!

  • South Bay/Peninsula: Tuesdays
  • East Bay: Wednesdays
  • San Francisco: Fridays

And you can pick up your order for free in Albany!

Your products are delivered in a reusable black bag; keep it to return your empty containers on the next delivery day. You can place the product tags in the bag, we’ll reuse them as well. We’re working hard to reuse as much as we can!

After Your First Order

Step 4: Place a New Order

When you run out of products, order your new refills online. If you signed up for our subscription program in step 2, you can ignore this step and enjoy automatic refills delivered as often as you need them.

Step 5: Prepare for Your Delivery

On delivery day, hold onto your pump and leave the empty refill containers outside in the black bag. We’ll drop off your order in a new black bag and pick up the old containers to be cleaned, sanitized and reused!
What if your containers aren’t totally empty on delivery day? No worries, keep them and return them next time. We keep track of all the containers so you can return them when they’re empty.

Step 6: Replace Your Refills

When you receive your refills, just screw your pump onto the new, full jar. You're good to go for another round! It's that easy!

Relax and "Fill Good" about Your Plastic Free Lifestyle!!

Next time, all you have to do is repeat Steps 5 & 6, you’ll avoid more and more plastic and contribute to keeping our planet a beautiful place to live!!

Any questions? Contact us, we're here to help!