In the news: International Ocean Film Festival, Plastic Free Starbucks petition, Microfibers legislation in California...


California gets serious in the fight against plastic microfibers (Tree Hugger): New California legislation (AB2379) would require polyester clothing to have a label warning about shedding in the wash. Microfibers are now considered one of the biggest plastic pollution problems we face.

Let's bag plastic bags (The New York Times) : Plastic production and disposal generates around 400 million tons of carbon dioxide a year globally, more than total annual emissions from Britain. One of the most direct ways to begin to address this problem is by taking on the single-use plastic bag.

8 steps to solve the ocean's plastic problem (World Economic Forum): Reduce our plastic dependency, increase producer responsibility, increase fees and taxes on polluting plastics...

Starbucks: Break free from plastic : sign and share this worldwide petition that asks Starbucks to find alternatives to its 4 billion plastic-lined paper cups served each year.


15th International Ocean Film Festival : March 8-11, San Francisco

Zero Waste Youth Convergence : March 17-18, San Francisco


This diver found himself swimming with Manta rays and plastic in Bali (World Economic Forum)

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