Water-activated tape


This tape is made with 50% recycled content and fully compostable!

Are you looking for the functional and eco-benefits of water activated tape without the fiberglass reinforcement? Did you know that the reinforced water activated tape are not recyclable because of the plastic fibers? We have a sustainable solution for you!

Why Water Activated Tape? We've found that water activated tape is more efficient than pressure sensitive (or self sealing) tape, so you use less material per seal. That is good for your bottom line and for the planet!

Water activated tape holds an excellent seal (we use it to ship orders every day and never had any issue!). This non-reinforced option has no fiberglass, meaning it is both compostable and recyclable. It is, however, not as strong as reinforced option and rated for 10 lb packages.

  • Made with 50% Recycled Fibers!
  • Renewable and biodegradable plant-derived adhesive and backing
  • Water-activated corn starch adhesive
  • More affordable per seal than self-sealing tape
  • 7 mil - kraft
  • 2.75" x 600 ft
  • Compostable and recycle friendly! Certified as recycle-friendly by Western Michigan University
  • Made in the USA!

Sizes available: 2.75" x 600 ft and 1.89'' x 49.21 yards 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bit difficult to get used to

Glad to know this is compostable and recyclable. It's my first time using water-activate tape and one thing I didn't realise is that usually I use tape to 'hold things down', such as to tape boxes shut but since this gets sticky over time, it's not as effective in that regard.

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