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Vegan Bottle Brush


The CASA AGAVE™ brushes are an easy replacement for your plastic dishwashing brushes in the kitchen and home.

With a white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles, this brush works great for dish washing or as a multipurpose cleaning brush.

EXTRA LONG HANDLE DISH BRUSH - these work great for dish washing, scraping food off plates, and have a long sturdy wood handle. Because the bristles are on all sides of the brush head, this gets into cups, bowls and pots.

Longevity: Each brush can be used for 3 months or longer depending on frequency of usage and proper storage. Can be composted at the end of its life.

Tip: rinse it and let it dry fully between uses, make sure to not soak the wooden parts in water and your brush will last for months.

Materials: white teakwood, agave fiber bristles.


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