Upcycled Dispenser


These soap dispensers are made with up-cycled glass bottles, mason jars and plastic pumps! It's hard to be more sustainable than that!

Why buying new soap dispensers when we can reuse all these beautiful glass bottles and useful pumps already available? 

We collect them, remove the stickers (or not :-) ), clean them thoroughly, add a pump, et voilà!

Dispensers with Kombucha labels: we have a lot of different colors. Leave us a note if you have a preference and we'll do our best to find it.

Mason jar pump tops: They are made by Simple Sundries in Portland, Oregon.  Simple Sundries operates in a diverse, low income neighborhood. They aim to fight climate racism and create jobs for people with depression and mental illness by reusing salvageable plastic.

Colors available for the mason jar pump tops:

  • Pint size (16 fl.oz): black, white, blue/white, gold/white, gold/transparent and more
  • Quart size (32 fl.oz): white, orange/white

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