Unscented Castile Soap


This product comes into a glass container or a large reused plastic gallon container: return it when it's empty to close the loop!



A castile soap to clean the whole house!

Free of sulfates, dye, harsh chemicals, it's an all natural and safe cleaner.

Certified organic, vegan, biodegradable and non toxic, you can use it:

  • In a foamer (1 part soap, 3 parts water) or a squeeze bottle to wash your dishes, it's very efficient to cut grease naturally;
  • In a spray bottle as an all purpose cleaner (1 part soap, 9 parts water);
  • In a bucket of hot water to mop your floors, clean your walls, bath tubs etc (2oz of soap in a gallon of hot water).

And because it's unscented you can add your favorite essential oil: calming lavender, uplifting lemon, refreshing eucalyptus, antimicrobial tea tree ...

Packaging: our 13oz and 30oz refills come in glass jars; our 1 gallon refill comes in a reused plastic gallon container. We will take them back when empty to be cleaned and refilled. 

Ingredients: water, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (none remains after saponifying oils into soap & glycerin)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cheapest and Best

I did a price per ounce comparison of all the castile soaps I could find and this was the cheapest! (unless you're getting the $50 gallon jugs of Dr. Bronner). I preferred this formula though anyways because it has much fewer ingredients. My skin has been really sensitive lately and after 1 month of using this soap for showering, hand washing, and hair washing, I have not had any issues. It is also truly unscented (does not have an odd scent like Sprouts unscented castile soap). It also foams well...sometimes you lose sudsiness when you have fewer ingredients. It's a winner for me :)

Stephanie C
Hand Saver

So happy to have found a local, closed loop source for palm oil free castile soap! I can't imagine the waste I'd generate with all the handwashing we're doing these days if I weren't able to purchase castile soap for refilling a foam dispenser. Thanks for setting us all up for success. I also love that this is scent-free. Since we have cats, and cats are sensitive to essential oils, this is the best hand soap to use pre-petting. Also we clean their dishes with this soap. It gets the jobs done and doesn't dry out my hands.

Julia Ma
Great all purpose soap

We use the unscented soap for our floors and it works really well. Love that it comes in a reusable/refillable glass jar!

Does not aggravate hands

With the pandemic my household has seen our fair share of hand washing, unfortunately with the consequence of dry fingers and hands which even triggered eczema in my mom. We tried so many different soaps but even Dr. Bronner's unscented left our hands feeling puckered and dry. But this soap seems to clean and moisturize with zero irritation. I love it! I also love that it's unscented and came in a re-usable glass jar. Will definitely keep purchasing and plan to try adding lavendar essential oil in the future.

Hope S
Yeay! Dr Bronners w/o the plastic!!

I used to buy Dr Bronner’s unscented in bulk (the largest avail container was 1 gallon size) but would mourn the new plastic with every (however infrequent) purchase (as we know “recycling” plastic is not a solution). I’m thrilled Dr Bronners is willing to partner with Fillgood to provide a waste-free refill alternative!! Thank you, both!

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