Unscented Castile Soap


A castile soap to clean the whole house! Free of sulfates, dye, harsh chemicals, it's an all natural and safe cleaner.

Warning: This product comes into a glass container or a large reused plastic gallon container: we deliver in the Bay Area only, NO SHIPPING since we collect and refill these containers when they are empty.

Certified organic, vegan, biodegradable and non toxic, you can use it:

  • In a foamer (1 part soap, 3 parts water) or a squeeze bottle to wash your dishes, it's very efficient to cut grease naturally;
  • In a spray bottle as an all purpose cleaner (1 part soap, 9 parts water);
  • In a bucket of hot water to mop your floors, clean your walls, bath tubs etc (2oz of soap in a gallon of hot water).

And because it's unscented you can add your favorite essential oil: calming lavender, uplifting lemon, refreshing eucalyptus, antimicrobial tea tree ...

Ingredients: water, organic coconut oil, potassium hydroxide (none remains after saponifying oils into soap & glycerin)

Packaging: our 12oz and 28oz refills come in glass jars; our 1 gallon refill comes in a reused plastic gallon container. We will take them back when empty to be cleaned and refilled. 

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