Unpaste Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride


Toothpaste tubes are history, Unpaste your teeth!

This is a zero waste, no filler replacement for your teethcare.

How is it better than toothpaste? It gently polishes your teeth leaving fewer places for bacteria and tartar to attach. It contains no preservatives – nothing extra to be absorbed in your mouth.

Zero waste and plastic free: each package contains 125 tablets, that's a 2 month supply. They come in a certified compostable pouch.

Zero Waste - Plastic Free - With Fluoride - Vegan - Cruelty Free - FDA Approved


How to brush your teeth with unpaste?

  • CHEW until the tablet is a soft minty paste
  • BRUSH as you would with any conventional toothpaste
  • POLISHED rinse as normal and enjoy the smooth feeling
Certified safe, effective and all natural by BDIH, a strict German certification.

    Made in Germany

    Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda), silica, amisoft (sodium lauryl glutamate), magnesium stearate, natural mint aroma, menthol, xanthan gum, stevia, citric acid, sodium fluoride.

    Free of preservatives, germ-inhibiting substances, binders and contain neither aluminum nor nanoparticles. 

    Unpaste tablets have no animal products and have never been tested on animals.

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