Strap Bamboo Body Tape


Have you ever wished you could find an alternative to sports tape? You found it now!

The world's first eco-body tape, made from bamboo fiber. Natural black bamboo fiber that's soft, sustainable, and strong. + Biodegradable Bamboo + Non-Toxic and latex-free + hypoallergenic + contains organic ingredients + vegan and cruelty-free

All natural, plastic and latex-free, and non-irritating.

Available in 2 options: natural,  and black

Each box contains 1 rolls that is 5.5yd long

Materials: bamboo fibers, coconut oil infused gauze with hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA).

How To Use HOW

Make sure your skin is clean + dry and free from any ointment
Measure the tape against your body, and then cut / tear the required size
Remove the backing paper, and strategically apply to the area


To avoid circulation issues, don't apply too tightly. If tingling or numbness occurs - simply re-STRAP. Always seek advice from a medical professional. Not to be used on open wounds. Consult your doctor if you suffer serious injury, if pain increases, or if any irritation occurs.

Ethically made in China 

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