Life Without Plastic

Round Stainless Steel Container with Dividers - 37oz


This is a fantastic take-out container, completely plastic free and very durable!

It's nice and wide to act as a portable food recipient, has two removable dividers, an airtight lid with a silicone seal, and it is not very deep - making it ideal for a meal to go, like sushi, or rice and a curry. It also works nicely for storing the leftovers of your take-out meal. Huge versatility with the removable dividers -- you can make it into a single, double, or four compartment container!

You can even use a marker/wax pencil to write on the container. This is handy for specifying contents and storage date. The marker writings wash off easily with water and friction.

It is made of high quality food grade stainless steel. Toxin-free, BPA-free, plastic-free.

Easy to clean: the bottom part can be washed in the dishwasher or re-heated on the stove. This container is freezer-safe. Please note that the lid has a silicone seal, which is not dishwasher-safe nor oven-safe. 

Dimensions: Diameter: 18.4 cm / 7 1/4"Width (with lid on and latched): 19.75 cm / 7.75"Height (with lid on and latched): 4.5 cm / 1.8"

Capacity: 1.1 L / 37 fl. oz.

Weight: 0.54 kg / 1.2 lb

Materials: Lid & container made of 18-8 (304) food grade stainless steel; lid has a non-removable, adhesive-free food grade silicone seal.

Care Instructions: Base container is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe; lid should be washed by hand in warm soapy water, and is not oven-safe.

Country of Manufacture: South Korea.

Health and Environment: BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free. Recyclable.

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