Natural Earth Paint

Plastic Free Glitters


Regular glitter is nothing more than shiny microplastics that are polluting our water and soil forever. But now there's a solution: plastic free glitter!

This high-quality, ultrafine Cosmetic Glitter is plant-based and biodegradable while still offering the shimmer and shine you want in 4 gorgeous colors: gold, silver, bronze and turquoise.

It’s also certified cosmetic-grade, so you can use it with confidence on your face & body, craft projects, and paintings. Get your sparkle on without harming Mother Earth!

This is the world's first 100% plastic free glitter, aluminum free, certified biodegradable in the natural environment and FDA compliant to be used around the lips.

This glitter is made from ethically-sourced biodegradable and compostable raw materials. The natural coating and special cellulose core are derived from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus.

Application tips: Dab finger in glitter and dab on still wet face paint to add a touch of sparkle. Or apply aloe vera gel to the face/body and dust the glitter onto that.

Size: 0.6 oz (17g)

Packaging: Recyclable metal tin

Made in the USA

Ingredients: cellulose film coated with mineral pigments in a naturally derived resin. 100% plastic free and "OK Biodegradable WATER" certified (products certified for OK biodegradable WATER guarantee biodegradation in a natural fresh water environment, and thus substantially contribute to the reduction of waste in rivers, lakes or any natural fresh water).


About the company Natural Earth Paint: Award-winning and Gold certified Green America business, Natural Earth Paint uses natural earth and mineral pigments and organic ingredients to make completely safe, sustainable, and beautiful art supplies for children and fine artists. Earth pigments are clay and minerals prevalent in native soils all over the world. By leaving out the preservatives, heavy metal toxins, solvents, synthetics, additives and fillers, their products are of the highest quality - pure, radiant and the most archival and durable paints available.


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