Brush with Bamboo

Loofah Scrubbers, pack of 6


Looking for an alternative to the plastic sponge or plastic bath loofah? Look no further than these Heirloom Mayan Loofah Scrubbers.

They are sourced from a single Mayan family farm in the tropics of Guatemala. Grown using traditional methods, these loofah are free of all pesticides and herbicides, and are completely unprocessed.

Each loofah comes compressed and flattened. Loofah will expand when wet.

Each pack includes 6 loofahs scrubbers.


  • Kitchen: Apply dish soap to loofah and use to wash dishes. Change loofah every 3 to 5 weeks depending on usage.
  • Bath (exfoliation): Apply body soap to loofah and use to exfoliate skin.
  • Bath (cleaning): Apply cleaning agent to loofah and use to clean sinks, tiles, and tubs.

End of life

Loofah are 100% plant fiber and completely compostable. To discard: compost or simply bury in your garden. Loofah will decompose within 30 days. The paper label can be recycled or composted.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great for the shower

I've officially replaced all plastic loofahs with these and love them. Offers good exfoliation without being too rough!

Katie Harrison
perfect body scrubber

i've been using natural loofahs for a while now, but this brand by far is the best i've ever used. it has such a consistent feeling throughout the loofah for a really even (but gentle) scrub. no more plastic loofahs for me ever again! this one feels so amazing on the body, and holds up really well as well which is great.

Valerie Neumark Mickela
Healthier Kitchen!

We decided to try these out about a month ago and couldn't be happier. We were looking for compostables sponges and these work better than I expected. I'm so glad we can just toss them in the green water when we are done. We are even still on our first sponge, so cool!

Better for the shower than the kitchen

I bought these with the intent to use them for washing dishes. However, once hydrated the loofahs were too large for me to hold in my (arguably small) hands to get a good scrub on dishes. The first one we used, I cut in half long ways, so it was flatter, and that worked better. Ultimately, we are using the rest in the shower and body scrubbers and are still searching for a good dish sponge.

Good scrub and compostable in worm bin

I really like that these rinse out well and are good at removing food from dishes. They dry out faster than normal sponges so they don't get as smelly. They last a long time and when they are worn out I cut them up and put them in my worm bin to compost.

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