Organic Coconut Hair Mask - 8 oz


With each hair mask refill you'll avoid 0.1 lb of plastic waste!

When you run out, we'll collect the jar, clean and sanitize it so it's ready for a refill!

This organic nutritious repairing hair mask has a divine coconut smell. It will nourish and repair hair damaged by the sun, hair dyes. You'll love your new smooth and shiny hair!

These masks are made in small batches, we only receive a few ones each time which guarantees they are freshly made when you order them. 

Made in Los Angeles, CA.

Directions of use : Depending on your hair type, use the mask once or twice a week. Apply it to the full lengths and tips of your hair, and keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse it well with clear water.

Ingredients : organic coconut oil, BTMS (plant based), mineral water, cosgard (organic preservative), absolute jasmine (in the coconut-jasmine version).


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