Colored Swedish Dishcloths - New Designs!


The environment will thank you. And so will your wallet.

You can replace up to 17 rolls of expensive, wasteful paper towels with just one of these ingenious Swedish dishcloths. Each of these absorbent cloths can absorb 20 times its own weight in liquid, like a super efficient eco friendly cleaning sponge. That's a lot of spills, wet dishes, smudgy windows and messy counters you'll no longer need to use a paper towel for! And imagine the money you'll save over time.

A truly zero waste solution: 17 paper towel rolls generate about ten pounds of waste. Not all paper towels can be composted: the ones that are made with toxic inks and bleached with chlorine have to go to landfills to avoid contaminating compost with toxic chemicals. And then there's that plastic packaging that cannot be recycled!

By contrast, these eco friendly cleaning towels are all-natural, completely machine washable, totally reusable and easily compostable (city AND garden compost). The designs are printed with non-toxic, water based inks. And they are package free!

The secret is science: SWEDEdischcloths are made from a unique combination of all-natural wood pulp cellulose sourced from sustainable forests, and naturally renewable organic cotton fibers. That's what makes each one so durable: you can wash them in your clothes or dish washer up to 200 times. Even better, each Swedish dishcloth is made from just half an ounce of these fibers.

Size: 18x20 cm - 7x8"

Designs: For the mixed set of 3, we can either choose for you or leave us a note to tell us which ones you'd like.

Materials: wood pulp cellulose, organic cotton

Made in Europe.

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