CHEWTAB - Toothpaste Tablets for Sensitive Teeth


Chewtab Sensitive Whitening formula helps address the cause of sensitive teeth. L-arginine halts plaque accumulation for hours, allowing the Nanohydroxyapatite to re-mineralize more effectively. Within a few weeks, you will notice less sensitivity as the tubules in your enamel are filled, insulating the nerves.

L-arginine significantly speeds up this process by disrupting plaque production for up to 12 hours. After brushing with this sensitive toothpaste, you will notice that your teeth feel much smoother. The plaque-free enamel tubules are filled with Nanohydroxyapatite, which solidifies, creating a smooth, solid surface of insulation from hot and cold liquids.

Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste Tablets are also plastic-free, making them a more eco-friendly choice. And best of all, they're manufactured in Carlsbad, California.

Packaging: A metal tin, recyclable or refillable. 

Made in California

Ingredients: Xylitol*, calcium phosphate, L-arginine, quillaja saponaria extract, baking soda, calcium stearate, natural flavors, nano-hydroxyapatite, erythritol, calcium carbonate, silica, guar gum.

*Avoid exposing Xylitol to dogs as it can be highly toxic to them. It is best to always keep it out of their reach.


How Does Nano Hydroxyapatite (NHAP) Work?

Thinning enamel: Your enamel is porous. There are microscopic dentin tubules on the surface of your enamel. Most people's enamel slowly gets thinner as we age due to acidic saliva and whitening teeth with abrasion. This often creates hypersensitivity as the nerves in the dentin become closer to the surface.

NHAP: Nano-sized particles of the enamel's building blocks, Hydroxyapatite are able to penetrate and seal the dentin tubules. Alkaline saliva speeds up this process. The result is less sensitivity.

Enamel repair: When the dentin tubules are sealed enamel is stronger, and smoother. The smoother surface helps keep plaque from adhering.

Whiter teeth: The Nano-Hydroxyapatite particles on the surface get polished as you brush with a low abrasion toothpaste. The result is a whiter, brilliant smile.

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