Moss Creek Wool Works

"Catnip Infused" Wool Balls For Felines - Set of 2


Did Someone Say Catnip and Wool Balls - Together?

  • Non-Toxic
  • Filled with real catnip
  • Backyard biodegradable
  • Handmade in Canada 

If you have a cat, you probably found out already that they love to hunt wool balls and pounce on them. It may have something to do with the scent of the wool. If one of your wool dyer balls goes missing, you might want to check with your furry friend first.

Since these balls are made of tightly felted wool, they are close to impossible to pull apart.  On the off chance, your cat is clever enough to deconstruct their wool ball, no need to worry. They are made with undyed natural wool so there’s no harm to your Best Friend.

    Cruelty-Free Sustainable Wool

    Moss Creek Wool Works works with wool co-ops where the wool is milled locally to minimize their carbon “hoofprint”.  

    They’re careful to only source wool from farms that never practice mulesing. It’s critical that their sheep live free-range and are never exposed to chemicals including sheep dips. The sheep from their farm partners are raised for only their wool and not bred to eat.

    Scary Cat Facts:

    • Genetically, your cat is 95.6% tiger and can jump 5 times their height!

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