Balm Baby

Baby Shampoo Wash and Bubble Bath


The Balm Baby's special soapy, sudsy Baby Wash/Shampoo was formulated with little ones in mind. With its rich, fatty, tropical oils, not only will little ones stay fresh, but they will keep their super softness too!

  • Baby Safe (Not a tear free wash - avoid contact with eyes)
  • Vegan & Cruelty FREE
  • No perfumes, dyes; safe ingredients only
  • Great for babies and kids with sensitive skin
  • Moisturizes skin, helps with eczema

Size: 9oz bottle with pump, 16oz glass bottle refill. 

Packaging: Refillable aluminum bottle and glass bottle with a metal cap. Refill your pump bottle and return to us the empty glass bottle.

Directions: Use on that sweet little babe of yours!  Suds up his/her body and hair and wash, then rinse thoroughly. Doubles as a Bubble Bath: add 1-4 squirts to running water for foamy fun!

Ingredients: Saponified Virgin, raw, macadamia nut oil, and organic coconut oil; distilled water; organic orange & French lavender essential oils.

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