All We Can Save


All We Can Save has been an inspiration for months. We are very excited to offer it in our store and share with you the stories of fantastic women who are fighting for our planet and for all of us every day.


There is a renaissance blooming in the climate movement: leadership that is more characteristically feminine and more faithfully feminist, rooted in compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration. While it’s clear that women and girls are vital voices and agents of change for this planet, they are too often missing from the proverbial “table.” More than a problem of bias, it’s a dynamic that sets us up for failure. To change everything, we need everyone. 

Intermixing essays with poetry and art, this book is both a balm and a guide for knowing and holding what has been done to the world, while bolstering our resolve never to give up on each other or our collective future. We must summon truth, courage, and solutions, to turn away from the brink and toward life-giving possibility. Curated by two climate leaders, Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson, this book is a collection and celebration of visionaries who are leading us on a path toward all we can save.

Hardcover, 448 pages.



"All We Can Save is an anthology of writings by 60 women at the forefront of the climate movement who are harnessing truth, courage, and solutions to lead humanity forward." - Rolling Stone

”All We Can Save brings an empathetic perspective to a fraught subject … a community bound between two covers, and a gift to any who wishes to join in. Johnson and Wilkinson have set a high bar [with] this movement-forging book.” — Bloomberg Green

“This astounding and ambitious eco-anthology is filled with whip-smart essays, heart-wrenching poems, and stunning visual art from an all-female cast … those who’ve been left out of the climate debate for too long … a powerful chorus of women armed with solutions for our changing climate.” — Self



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