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Create a thick lather for the most luxurious shaving experience possible!

The Albatross Shaving Brush ensures you'll get the most out of your shaving soap. The extra-soft, vegan bristles efficiently create a thick lather which helps less soap last longer.

The bristles are made from both bamboo fibers and nylon -- the first shaving brush we know of to be made like this!

Why bamboo/nylon bristles? Traditionally, shaving brushes were made from badger or boar hair. While technically natural fibers, the cruelty animals face while caged and farmed for their hair is simply unacceptable. 

Other shaving brushes offer a fully synthetic variation, which is also not ideal given our stance on plastic. 

Our Bamboo/ Nylon bristles bridge this gap and combine the carbon savings of bamboo with the durability of nylon. Designed to be sustainable and durable, our Shaving Brush will help you get the best shave possible for years to come!

What about the wood? This brush is made of a solid wood called Schima Superba (also called Chinese cherry). It's fast growing and hard enough that it will last a long time in brush form (longer than other woods like bamboo). It's also quite abundant in China (where the brushes are made).


Made sustainably in China.

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