Stainless Steel Drinking Straws


In the USA alone, 500 millions (yes, millions!) straws are used and thrown away EVERY DAY! They are not recyclable and they will stay in our environment forever, slowly breaking down into microplastics.

It's urgent to switch to reusable straws!

Take them with you anywhere to eliminate wasteful plastic and paper straws that glut our landfills and trash our environment. You can even add one to complete your bamboo utensils set!

  • Strong, durable, reusable.
  • 6mm diameter
  • Elegant shape with a small permanent bend
  • Flexible metal brush for easy cleaning.
  • Food grade, 18/8 stainless steel will last a lifetime.
  • BPA-free, won't leach toxic chemicals
  • All materials are safety tested and comply with FDA and Prop 65 standards.
  • We recommend supervising young children while they use stainless steel straws.

Made responsibly in China. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I won't use plastic one anymore

I am so proud to use this straw now :) My daughter drinks her milk with it every morning. We also put them on the table when we have playdates at home ! And we travel with them too! I won't use plastic one anymore, it is such an easy way to reduce plastic! Thanks.

Charlotte Attry
A must-have!

To help our planet on a plastic-free way...

Cocktails have never looked better

These straws have been adopted from the first day. Beautiful, easy to clean with the brush provided, and environmentally very friendly, they are a definite YES. Thanks fillgood for those guilt-free straws.

Elisabeth Lhoest
Great straws!

Those straws are just... right!
Right because they wash properly (the little brush works really well) whatever you have drunk with it... even that banana smoothie!!!!
I personally also like their feel.
We use them very often.

Perfect straws

We absolutely love these straws.
And the brush is perfect to clean them so we can also use them for smoothies.
No more feeling guilty for using straws that are not recyclable!!

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