Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Dog/Pet Shampoo Bar - Honey and Oats


A plastic-free pet product with zero nasty chemicals!

The finely ground oats, honey and cornstarch in this natural dog shampoo, help soothe and heal itchy, irritated, inflamed, and dry skin

  • Honey revitalizes the coat, adds shine and acts as a natural sealant
  • Natural emollient oils and conditioning shea butter add shine as they moisturize
  • Essential oil blend has soothing proprieties and may help repel fleas and ticks

Certified organic - Cruelty free - Non GMO - Rainforest Alliance certified

Directions: Using a bar of soap to wash your dog is much easier and less messy than using liquid soap. Simply rub the bar on your pet's wet coat to make a rich, creamy lather. Massage the shampoo deep into your pet's coat and rinse thoroughly to prevent dried soapy hair. Rub your pet down with any clean, dry towel.

Packaging: A recyclable paper box.

Size: 3.8oz 

Made in Ohio

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Palm Oil (Sustainable), Organic Castor Bean Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Virgin Shea Butter, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Honey, Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic Cornstarch, Organic Rosemary Oil Extract (ROE).

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The pup is clean

Works just fine compared to regular dog shampoos. A little more difficult to suds the dog up with a bar vs liquid soap, but I’m sure we’re using less soap in the end and saving a plastic bottle is worth it.

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