Meli wraps

Reusable Beeswax Wrap Bulk Roll - New Designs!



These beeswax rolls are the best deal for your money and the planet!

Meli Wraps Beeswax Wraps are a reusable alternative to single use plastic wrap, container lids, and plastic sandwich bags. 

Each roll measures 13.5” x 42” ( that's almost 4 feet long!! ). You can cut them to any size you want, from extra small to extra large, these rolls are the best option for custom sizes. Use regular scissors or pinking shears if you want to get fancy ;)

  • Meli Wraps are Planet-Friendly Reusable Beeswax Wraps made with Organic Cotton, Hawaiian Beeswax, Tree resin, Plant Oils, and Lots of LOVE!!
  • They are the perfect eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. 
  • Use them to cover leftovers, a dish, cheese, sandwiches, half an avocado, or fold one into an envelope for snacks!!
  • They are easy to wash with mild dish soap, a sponge and cool water.
  • Meli Wraps are reusable for up to 150 washes or 1-2 years!!
  • Sticky & strong. Folds into an envelope. No strings needed.
  • End of life: fully compostable, backyard and industrial compost.

They come in 9 very fun designs, pick your favorite!

How to use

Made In Hawaii

Ingredients: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, hawaiian beeswax, tree resin, plant oils.


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