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These herb infused, moisturizing shave creams offer an effortless razor glide and leaves skin silky, shiny smooth! It is ALL NATURAL and MEGA Moisturizing! Perfect for all areas of the body needing shaving, from the most gentle parts to the most rough faces.

Vegan, cruelty-free (leaping bunny certified), plastic-free. The main ingredients come from a local organic farm.

Packaging: beautiful, infinitely recyclable glass jars with metal cap. You can reuse them or return them to us, we will give them away in our bulk store.

Directions: Apply a thin layer to rinsed skin (a little goes a long way). Shave and rinse razor thoroughly (with soap and hot water).

Net weight: 8oz or 2oz

Made in Utah.

Ingredients: Raw shea butter, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, virgin coconut oil, arrow root, vegetable glycerine, sodium bicarbonate (aluminum FREE baking soda), tochopherol, essential oils blends.


***This product does NOT use any synthetic/unhealthy binders and only use RAW/Virgin Butters.  If melting does occur, the product is still usable.  Simply stir and place in refrigerator until firm.  It will no longer have a "light & fluffy" appearance, but will still be effective.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cannot Recommend

This product is essentially unusable by following the package directions. The package says to use HOT water to rinse your razor if it gets clogged. The first time I used this, I brought a cup of just boiled water into the shower with me. Using that I couldn't get the product off of the razor and I didn't use a lot. I ended up having to remove the blade from the razor and scrape it on the side of the cup. Clean up was a mess as I couldn't get it off the cup with boiling water and had to wash the cup repeadedly with dish soap.

I've tried a few more times and am slightly able to use the product if I first apply the shave cream and then rub my leg down with bar soap... kind of defeats the purpose and bar soap alone would be easier.

Sadly, I still have an almost full jar since you don't need much. Looking forward to having it used up and out of my house!

ross yeo
No Bueno

This shave cream is not very good at all. I was very surprised to see a good review. It's the roughest most razor burn shave I have ever had. I couldn't even get through a whole shave before I had to switch back to what I was using before. I would love to have a shave cream that does not come in plastic but this one is not it.

very good stuff

This shaving cream takes some getting used to, but it works way better than the drugstore variety once you get the hang of it. Don’t let the price scare you—it takes maybe a teaspoon to shave your legs, so one jar will last a year (or more if you’re like me and shave once a week!).

This is not a foam. It’s a thick, rich lotion. Unlike with the drugstore stuff, you can’t see this one when it’s applied. So the visual feedback of shaving off a line of cream is gone. But you can feel it. Even though you may want to use a lot to make it more visible, you should use only a tiny dab (like an eighth-teaspoon for the front half of one leg, ankle to knee). If you use too much, the cream will gum up the razor and you’ll be rinsing with every half-stroke.

One drawback: the shaved hair sticks together and forms a gum on the razor that takes more effort to rinse off. (I use a safety razor and frequently lift the blade out to get the hair-gum off mid-shave.)

The big plus: this cream is so protective that I can actually get a close shave on my legs. For 10 years I had been shaving with or across the hair growth instead of against the hair growth to prevent razor burn. This cream was too hard to use unless I went straight against the hair growth, and to my surprise I got the smoothest shave I’ve had in more than a decade, with zero razor burn. With the gum-up factor, it does take a little longer to shave than it used to. But I’m never going back to the drugstore crap.

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