Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

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Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocos nucifera, is a light, penetrating oil extracted from freshly cut coconuts. This unrefined oil is minimally processed and still bursting with the nourishing nutrients of coconuts.

The fresh coconut meat is grated and then expeller pressed to produce the coconut milk. This milk is centrifuged to separate the milk into coconut solids, water, and oil.

This results in a rich and creamy coconut oil that retains the delicious scent of fresh coconuts and smells good enough to eat!

This cold process extraction takes place within hours of opening the coconuts in order to retain all of the natural healing properties and antioxidants, making this an excellent choice for even the most sensitive and irritated skin.

Virgin, unrefined coconut oil has natural antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an excellent skin moisturizer and can readily penetrate hair and skin better than many other oils.

Coconut oil, which is mainly composed of saturated fats, is rich in vitamin E, essential amino acids, and lauric and caprylic acid all of which help form part of the skin's natural barrier.

Easily penetrating, nourishing, emollient, and protective, it is recommended for dry, mature, and inflamed skin. Although it is comedogenic for some skin types, it is a light oil and penetrates easily without feeling greasy.

In hair care, coconut oil easily penetrates hair strands and provides deep conditioning. When used in a hair conditioner it is a great oil for taming the frizzies.

Certified organic.

Size: 30oz refill.

Origin: Philippines. 

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