Laundry Powder, Unscented


Packaging: This product comes in a glass jar. Please return it when empty to close the loop!

NO shipping.


No single-use plastic for you and for us! We are closing the loop with Meliora. They take back their large bulk containers to clean and refill them. Zero waste, zero recycling, it's 100% reuse!

This Laundry Powder is your go-to people- and planet-friendly laundry option. It only uses what you need to clean your clothes, and is free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, and brighteners.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Palm Oil Free and MADE SAFE Certified.

No single use plastics, no dyes, no preservative, no fragrance.

35oz = 128 HE (64 Standard) Loads

Sizes available

  • 35oz: original cardboard packaging with instructions
  • 35oz refill: in a glass jar, to refill the original packaging or use as is

Instructions for use:

Add Laundry Powder directly to washer with clothes

  • For HE Washers, use 1/2 scoop (1/2 tablespoon)
  • For Standard Washers, use 1 scoop (1 tablespoon)

 Made in Chicago, IL.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Vegetable Soap [Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Water]

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jennifer Zilliac
I use 1 teaspoon per load!

I am so happy to be done with those huge, drippy, plastic liquid laundry soap jugs. I literally use 1 teaspoon per load and my supply just keeps going and going and going. I purchased more than six months ago, and I'm not even restocking it on this order. (We're a household of three, and one of our daughters does laundry here sometimes, too. So it's not just one person's laundry.)

I first ordered for pickup from Fillgood last May (more than six months ago). I got everything I needed in a quantity to last, and winced when I saw I was spending over $400. But I'm placing my first reorder now, and only needing a few things because I still have plenty of almost everything. I think I'm spending $60 today. Should be good to go for several months at least.

Elsie Lee
Works great!

I am not one to notice much difference from one brand of soap to another when it comes to my laundry. So is this soap any better than anything else? Not sure I can answer that. What I can say for sure is that it works just as well as anything else that I’ve used, and it is really nice to be able to just take a small scoop—1/2 a tbsp—of detergent at a time out of our metal container we had filled at the store.
Previously used dropps, but with the powder we don’t even have a box leftover when done with the powder!!

Does the job

Not fussed when it comes to laundry powder, this does the job well.

cleans well

I’ve never noticed a real difference between laundry soaps. This one works just as well as any I’ve ever used (from liquid to traditional powder to those TruEarth strips). Bonus: the jar takes up less space than big detergent boxes or bottles.

So concentrated!

This is really different than regular detergent powder, apparently regular powder must have a lot of fillers, because with this stuff I only use a teaspoon to measure it out. It makes no suds whatsoever, but I know from using it in my handwash that the water gets plenty soapy/ slippery and washes very well, even though there are no suds.

When loading it into the laundry soap 'slot' of a front-loading machine it's best to dissolve it in a cup of hot water first and then pour it in. If you just dump the dry powder into the slot, some of it cakes and hardens onto the floor of the soap channel once the water pours over it. Not a problem if you sprinkle it right into a tub of water, as when filling a top loader with water, or into a bucket of wash water, then it dissolves fine.

I use 2 level tsp in a 5-gallon bucket and that might really be a bit too much. It says for a standard (not High Efficiency) washing machine to use 1 tablespoon which is equal to 3 level tsp. 1 jar of this (maybe 2 or 3 cups?) has lasted my2-person household for a couple months and I still have a quarter of a jar left.

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