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Organic Witch Hazel Extract


Packaging: This product comes in a glass bottle. The spray bottle is yours, return the 8 fl.oz bottle when empty to close the loop!

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The refill bottle comes with a metal cap.


Witch Hazel extract is a wonderful ingredient for use in your cosmetic and medicinal preparations. It is gentle enough to be used alone, or it may be combined with other ingredients or herbs.

Witch hazel is a topical astringent derived from the bark and twigs of the Hamamelis virginiana plant, a flowering shrub common to North America.

As is the case with many natural remedies, the medicinal properties of witch hazel were first discovered by Native Americans who boiled the stems to make decoctions that were used to treat skin inflammation and irritation.

There are many natural active constituents in witch hazel including tannins and polyphenols. The tannins in witch hazel make it a gentle, natural astringent and the polyphenols have natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The natural tannins help close pores to give skin a fine, smooth appearance. They also help smooth out fine lines by tightening skin. 

This organic Witch Hazel extract is superior in both quality and potency, it will not dry out your skin. It has been double distilled, and contains 86% witch hazel extract and only 14% alcohol. This makes it more soothing than the less quality version found in your local store that usually contains more alcohol.

Made in the USA.

IngredientsOrganic Witch Hazel extract and organic alcohol


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