Come Shop Zero Waste in our Refill Corner in Albany!

Come Shop Zero Waste in our Refill Corner in Albany!

Our Refill Corner will open on Thursday March 28th: we are so excited about this new step, let’s refuse even more single use plastics!

Fillgood is mainly based on milk-man style delivery but we got so many people asking if they could refill their own containers that we decided to open a refill corner in our new office. Plus it’s so great to have more opportunities to meet with the local zero waste community!

We’ll start with 2 afternoons a week because we still have to manage the growing online orders and local deliveries. But if everything goes well, we’ll extend shopping hours soon!

Opening hours: Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 1pm to 5pm.

Address: 828 San Pablo ave, suite 106, Albany

We are very close to Solano ave, on the 1st floor of an office building. We love this highly walkable neighborhood: come have lunch, a coffee and shop zero waste!

How it works:

  1. Bring your clean jars and bottles: no need to pre-weigh them, we'll do it
  2. Fill your jars with the product of your choice
  3. We'll weigh them again 

Products available in bulk: laundry powder, laundry liquid, dishwasher powder, dish liquid, concentrate all purpose cleaner, oxygen bleach, liquid castile soap.

Bulk products prices are approximately 15% lower than on the website. This way we’re hoping to make bulk shopping more accessible to anyone who’s super motivated to reduce plastic.

All the other plastic free products are available for shopping too.

We can’t wait to see you there, bring your empty bottles and your friends!

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refill store albany california


May 22, 2019

Hello! Q. I like the large (plastic🤭) liquid laundry soap jugs. Can I bring my one jug for fill ups even though it is plastic, as I already have it and would be my way of recycling, as in using over and over. Thank you

S. Moore
May 21, 2019

are your products (dish soap, laundry liquid soap) Fragrance Free? Thank you..! p.s., IF you close early or shut down for a week, posting a good old-fashioned notice on the door might be a smart move, as this is a “walking” neighborhood and one might not live-and-die by data on Facebook, Google, et al. We might just spontaneously pop-in, in that luscious, relaxed manner of the good-old-days :) Just a suggestion, and thanks again for this wonderful strategy…please don’t give up on us— we’ll start migrating in your direction—this is going to be FANTASTIC.

jo grissom
May 08, 2019

Are your body care products (lotion, shampoo, etc ) available in Albany if I bring my own container?i have been wanting this optio since Body Shp/Body Time closed!
Thanks for the info

Nancy Littlefield
Apr 30, 2019

So excited to visit your store. Am on my way to your Albany location and wonder if it is dog friendly. See you soon!

Ann Miley
Apr 18, 2019

Hi Audrey, we are very sorry to read that, we took a week off. The information was on our website, on our Facebook and Google pages, but we understand that it could have been missed. We are back now and would be happy to meet you at the store!

Apr 11, 2019

I went to the Albany location today, Thursday, April 11, between 4:00 and 4:30. The door was locked. I knocked and the person who answered said Fillgood was “not there today”. It would be nice if you gave the correct information of what your hours are at the Albany location. I would like to be a customer. I like your business idea, but if you don’t give your correct hours, you will lose customers.

Audrey Craig
Mar 30, 2019

Hi Marcia, we do sell the containers with pump in the store. Looking forward to meeting you at the store!

Mar 30, 2019

Hi Margaret! No need to use the elevator, we are in the main hallway when you enter the building. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Mar 29, 2019

Welcome! I will be making a visit soon. Do you sell your Ball jars with the pump in the store or only online?

Marcia Walden
Mar 27, 2019

Welcome to the neighborhood! So excited to have your service in our area!


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