Let's Talk Plastic Free Lunch Box!

plastic waste in lunch boxes

I love it when people contact me and ask questions about zero waste and plastic free alternatives! That’s what happened recently with Alexandra from Teuko, a community of lunch box makers that shares tips and ideas to make healthy lunch boxes for our littles ones.

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Lunch boxes are full of non recyclable disposable plastics

As we started exchanging about the plastic footprint of lunch boxes in the US, I made a quick estimation and… OMG! Look at the picture: chips bags, energy bars, plastic utensils, plastic cheese wrap, juice/milk box with a straw, ziplocks, pouches…. I have 2 kids, one in preschool, the other one in elementary school. I asked them what the other kids were having for lunch: they confirmed there’s a lot of these non recyclable non compostable disposable plastics.

By the way, as a zero waste parent, you have to stay strong to convince your kids to refuse this plastic food when that's what their friends bring to school everyday. My 8 yo recently told me « I don’t want healthy food anymore » 😃  

Lunch boxes generate more than 60 million pounds of plastic waste every year in the US

In the US, approximately 15 million families make lunch boxes everyday. Let’s count 1 per family, 180 days a year (and I don’t include all the summer camps, spring break camps…). That’s 2.7 billion lunch boxes every year.
Now let’s say these lunch boxes include 10g of plastic (that’s 3 items, I included a snack).
That’s 27 million kg = 60 MILLION POUNDS of disposable plastic that pile up in landfills!

Besides creating trash, plastic leaches chemicals in the food

A healthy lunch box = healthy food in a healthy packaging! 

A good way to reduce plastic packaging is to buy in bulk and to choose fruits as a daily dessert. Fruits don't need packaging and stainless steel containers are the best to store sliced fruits. Moreover there's a lot of snacks available in bulk in most grocery stores (nuts, dried fruits, cereals, energy bars..), many of which are organic.  

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