Plastic Free July 2021

Plastic Free July is here and we have a great program to share with y'all!

We are excited to introduce you to Sondra and Leah who will be in charge of our Plastic Free July on Instagram and Facebook this year. You can find links to all their videos and posts below.

This year we are also adding calls to action: petitions, emails to your local representatives, social media graphics to share, etc. Everything is available below. Thank you for taking action with us!

🙋‍♀️ Sondra has been working with us since February. If you came to our store on a weekend, there's a good chance you already met her.
She is going to start her master in City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley in the Fall.
She is obviously passionate about ways to reduce waste, and she loves to share all her tips on her podcast @keepingitgreenpodcast. No doubt that you will love watching her reels!
Fun facts: she is also a dog walker and loves finding second hand treasures while thrifting or patrolling her local buy nothing group

🙋‍♀️ Leah is joining our team for Plastic Free July. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she is a student at Barnard College of Columbia University where she will get her Bachelor of Arts in May 2023.
She is passionate about the intersection of sustainability, social justice, and public policy. Her Plastic Free July mission is to raise awareness about the negative environmental and social impacts of plastic pollution, particularly on low income communities and POC. She will also share with us the latest info on new state and federal bills we can all support to build a cleaner and more just world.
Fun facts: She makes her own jewelry, is an avid podcast listener, and loves spending time with her three chickens! 

Watch and read all our Plastic Free July posts



Daily Posts

July 1st: Happy Plastic Free July!  



July 2nd: Why do we need to reduce plastic waste?

Call to action: Watch "The Story of Plastic" -->


July 3rd: The Zero Waste Mindset

REFUSE - REDUCE - REUSE - ROT - RECYCLE, in that order!


July 4th: Support "Rise St James" against a new plastic manufacturing facility in Louisiana!

Call to Action links:

Stop Formosa Plastics website:


Join the Fight to #StopFormosaPlastics

Donate to "Rise St James"


July 5th: Reuse your glass jars!

Reuse your glass jars to store food, drinks, bulk items, kitchen and cleaning products, etc! This is a great way to transition away from plastic packaging and storage. 

Bring them to our store and fill them with cleaning products, ingredients for your DIY recipes and much more!



Call to Action Links:


July 7th: Reuse your plastics!

Sometimes, plastic is inevitable. Let's find creative ways to reuse it!


July 8th: Learn more about plastic pollution and sustainability in books!

Our favorite books are available here.

And we have a free sustainability library in our store, come take a look! You can borrow a book for a month, for free.


July 9th: Plastic Free Grocery Shopping

Bring your reusable bags when you shop, that's the most efficient way to avoid plastic bags. And sometimes we don't even need a bag at all!


July 10th: The Myth of Recycling

Recycling is very confusing for end users, it is not economical, or even a viable way to deal with this material. The oil and plastic industries have always known this and invested massively in misleading the public.

It's all explained in these 2 investigations by NPR and Greenpeace UK:

NPR (2020): How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

Rolling Stones (2021): ExxonMobil Lobbyist on Playbook for Plastic: “It’s Just Like on Climate Change”


July 11th: Avoid single-use plastics on-the-go!

Here's what you need to avoid single use plastics on-the-go:

A tote bag
A reusable water bottle
A reusable cutlery set and a napkin
A reusable mug

Coffee on-the-go creates huge amounts of waste. The majority of coffee cups can't be recycled or composted, so they all get sent to landfill. And in the US, we send 54 billion coffee cups to landfill each year!!

It's not just about plastic waste: 500 single use coffee cups consume 370 gallons of water vs washing the same mug 500 times only requires 53 gallons of water (source: Upstream)

By using your own mug, you can avoid plastic waste and save water!! 


July 12th: the EU Directive on Single-Use Plastics

In 2019, an EU directive was entered into force with the goal of tackling the issues of single-use plastics by 2021. On July 3rd, 2021 this directive went into full effect outlawing certain single-use plastics in Member States markets and restricting others.

Call to action: share this information with your local representatives and demand the same type of regulations, a.k.a The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act! 


July 13th: Make your Own Drinks and Skip the Plastic Bottles!


July 14th: Support California Waste Legislation 2021-2022

Support new legislations to reduce plastic waste. Below you will find all the resources you need.


July 15th: Make your own food and skip the plastic packaging


July 16th: Get involved with a local non-profit like the Surfrider Foundation 

Learn more about ocean-friendly restaurants: 

Learn about beach cleanups: 

Take Action Page:

To Volunteer:

Find a nearby chapter:


 July 17th: Mental health check 


July 18th: Sustainability change maker: the Remark App

To learn more and download the app for free: 



July 19th: Try out a bar!

Solid products are an amazing solution to reduce packaging waste! Solid dish soap - Shampoo and conditioner bars - Bar soaps - Lotion bars - Laundry stain stick - Solid makeup remover, etc


Day 20: Zero waste communities around the world

Learn more via these links:




Day 21: Doing your dishes plastic-free!

Everything you need is available in our Kitchen Collection. And you can come to our store to refill your bottle of dish soap or order a refill online!


Day 22: California Recycling and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act


Day 23: Plastic-free bathroom routine!



Day 24: The myth of "recycling by mail"




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