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Washcloud® - Nordic Dishwashing Sponge Cloth


WASHCLOUD® is the eco-friendly Nordic dish sponge cloth that will clean dishes more efficiently than a normal sponge - made with renewable, biodegradable materials.

WASHCLOUD® is a Multipurpose Sponge and Kitchen Cleaning Helper:

In addition to being perfect for dish washing, WASHCLOUD® sponge cloths can also clean your kitchen surfaces and wipe up spills. Works wonderfully on counters, sinks and stovetops. Use for anywhere you'd use a normal sponge. A fast-drying washable sponge like this one will prevent that old sponge smell caused by built up food and bacteria. 

Sponge cloths have been widely used in Scandinavian households and kitchens since being invented by a Swede in 1949, and are now becoming popular outside of Europe. These ultra-absorbent hybrid products can absorb 15 times their weight in water. WASHCLOUD® sponge cloths can replace 10+ rolls of disposable paper towels which is a huge money saver and saves the carbon emissions impact of cutting down trees for disposable paper products. 


Wet cloth (it will puff up a bit with the water) and rub on your solid dish soap or add your liquid dish soap to soap up, then wash dishes as you would with a normal sponge. The advantage of this product is the larger surface area, which cleans more quickly and efficiently than a smaller sponge.

After washing with it, rinse it clean and squeeze dry, then lay to dry on a towel rack or on the edge of your counter so it can dry fully between uses.


Wash in the washing machine (and air dry) or in the top rack of the dishwasher. Rinse well after each use. 

Cellulose fibers will shrink slightly when dry. Let it air dry.


WASHCLOUD® can last for months and dozens of washes in the washing machine. Use it until it begins to fall apart, we find it can last several months even with frequent washing in the washing machine. 100% biodegradable and home compostable.

Size: 6.75" x 7.5"

Materials: Water-based inks, cellulose/wood pulp, cotton

Manufactured in Sweden

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