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Bastille Soaps


This handmade bar is free of fragrance oils, artificial colorants and palm oil.

Bastille soap is a traditional old-world cold process soap made with 70% olive oil, which results in a soft, gentle bar. Store on an elevated soap dish to maintain hardness. 

These are seasonal soaps, they are not available all year long.

Big Sur (Sea Salt, Lavender, Cypress): Verdant Wild sourced some seriously magical hand harvested, solar evaporated sea salt from Big Sur Salts to create this soleseife bar, a traditional German sea salt brine soap that's as soothing and healing as a dip in the ocean! Local lavender from Deerhaven Farm, along with Oregon peppermint and organic cypress essential oils create a scent as dreamy and fresh as the wind along the bluffs of our beloved central coast.

Lady Grey (bergamot, lavender, earl grey tea): A Jane Austen novel in one hand, a cup of earl grey tea in the other... a bouquet of lavender gently perfumes the air. Perhaps a fire smolders in the hearth and your cocker spaniel lies curled up at your feet. The only sound is the gentle rain, pitter-patter on the tin roof. Everything else melts away with this cleansing bar. Let the water carry your troubles and cares down the drain and begin the day anew.

Fat of the Land (calendula, oat, raw local honey): Mmmmm. Ground oats, raw local honey and organic calendula are all you need in this cheery olive oil bar. Nourishing, cleansing and essential oil free, it's gentle enough for a baby's butt—or maybe just those of us who like to keep things short and sweet. Shout out to the happy bees at R & K Honeybees in Boulder Creek for their wonderful gifts of pollination on organic farms.

Herb Garden (lemon balm, parsley, french green clay): Awaken to the signs of Spring around you with this lemony fresh bar. Reminiscent of a vibrant garden at its peak, float away to warm days amidst leaves of soothing lemon balm and herbaceous parsley with hints of cedar from the bordering forest. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin as you bathe in the glow of its glorious light. The seeds you have sown take root and thrive with its return.

Wild Heart (geranium, ho wood and peppermint): All's fair in love and war, they say. And while it might not be true that wild hearts can't be broken, it IS true that they can be mended with time and care. So we say live to love another day with this romantic bar for the wild heart in all of us. Give yourself (or someone you love) a hearty suds full of wild rose and yarrow. And don't be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve—it looks good on everybody!

Size: 4.5 oz

Packaging: Compostable paper wrap

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

Ingredients - Big Sur: saponified extra virgin coconut*, olive∞ and castor* oils, distilled water, Big Sur sea salt†, indigo, titanium dioxide, essential oils of lavender*∞ peppermint* and cypress*. *organic †wildcrafted ∞local

Ingredients - Lady Grey: saponified olive oil ∞, extra virgin coconut oil* and castor oil*, distilled water, earl grey tea*, purple Brazilian clay, titanium dioxide, essential oils of lavender*∞, bergamot* and tea tree*, kosher salt. (*organic ∞local)

Ingredients - Fat of the Land: saponified olive oil ∞, extra virgin coconut oil* and castor oil*, distilled water, calendula*, ground oats*, raw honey ∞ and kosher salt. (*organic ∞local)

Ingredients - Herb Gardensaponified olive oil∞, extra virgin coconut oil* and castor oil*, distilled water, French green clay, lemon balm†, parsley†, essential oils of lemon* listea cubeba,* and cedarwood*, poppyseeds*, kosher salt. (*organic ∞local †homegrown)

Ingredients - Wild Heart: saponified olive oil∞, extra virgin coconut oil* and castor oil*, rose†, yarrow†, distilled water, rose kaolin clay, titanium dioxide, essential oils of geranium*, ho wood and peppermint*, kosher salt. (*organic ∞local †wildcrafted)

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