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Pencil Tin


Hundreds of millions of plastic, vinyl, nylon, and canvas pencil cases are eternally stuck in landfills, and millions more sit on store shelves soon to be added.

This recyclable aluminum pencil tin is intentionally slim and fitted for the essentials you need, and nothing you don't.

100% recyclable aluminum pencil tin (orange, blue, grey or green) - The Wisdom pencil tin is slim and minimalist by design. Easy to transport and hard to fill up with stuff you don't need to cart around.

About Wisdom Supply Co.

Wisdom Supply Co. was founded by two plastic pollution activists stunned into action by the staggering waste created every year from the plastic, vinyl, and spiral-bound school supplies the students were instructed to purchase.
The best time to help future adults unlearn wasteful habits was decades and billions of tons ago. The next best time is now.


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