Nudi Goods

Soy Wax Candles


Nudi Goods is dedicated to creating completely plastic-free products with clean ingredients.

These handmade soy candles come in a 4 oz. aluminum tin and are made of pure pesticide-free soy wax. They are poured by hand to ensure attention to detail and a one-of-a-kind creation.

6 scents available:

  • Evergreen Cascades: Reminiscent of the Cascades of Olympic Peninsula, this candle blends fir, pine, and citrus scents. It's clean, bright, crisp, and perfect for holiday seasons or summer nights.
  • Redwood Spring: Sopping redwood forest trails in the spring, lined with lush ferns, blooming flowers, and flowing rivers. This scent is subtly earthy with floral overtones.
  • Good Morning: smell of peppermint and eucalyptus to gently start the day and inspire focus and clarity.
  • Sugar & Spice: The sweet and warm smell of the winter season. This candle blends sugary, cinnamon, vanilla and a light apple scent to bring a warm and freshly baked scent into your home for a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Mediterranean Greenhouse: The fresh and crisp scent of walking into a greenhouse. This candle brings about light, yet pronounced floral notes with the scent of fresh cut grass/herbal notes.
  • The Salty Coast: Misty drives along Highway 1 from San Francisco to the Central Coast in Big Sur through clean notes of musk, mild grassy and floral scents, and more apparent overtones of salt.

End of life: Soak the tin in hot water to soften any remaining wax and wipe clean with a rag. Remove the metal wick holder (it's adhered with biodegradable glue). Clean thoroughly with soap and water, allow to dry, and reuse! Or recycle the metal base with your recyclables.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

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