Loofah Sponge


We have partnered with farmers across the US to bring loofahs to your kitchen and your bathroom!

They are grown in a chemical-free environment: no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, etc. We are very excited to support sustainable farming practices!

Loofahs are an easy zero waste swap: they gently exfoliates your skin or cleans your dishes. It really is equivalent to a regular plastic sponge.

Each one lasts several months of daily use (let it dry between uses) and is fully compostable at the end of its life. And of course we sell them unpackaged.

Since we get them directly from the farms, they are imperfect :-) Some are precut to 4"; others are the entire plant, with a size ranging between 10" and 12" (you can cut to the desired length). Some are straight, others a little crooked: that's the work of Mother Nature!


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