PITS Stick Natural Deodorant


This natural deodorant is full of powerful deodorizing properties. Packed with herbal infused Hawaiian oils, soothing shea butter and essential oils, it offers an all day protection. A MUST HAVE for anyone who doesn't want harmful ingredients in their PITS, or has any concern about toxic plastic containers.

It comes in a convenient cardboard stick, without plastic lining. No need to dip or use an applicator.

  • SO FRESH: Lavender, orange & tea tree
  • EARL GRAY: Hints of lemongrass, lavender & citrus
  • FEELIN' WOODSY: Balsam fir, lavender & rosemary

Its consistency is a nice, solid balm. Perfect for gym or yoga bags, travel, and any other time you need a little convenience in your life!

  • 2 oz / 60 ml plastic free cardboard Eco Tube
  • Pure * Natural * Organic * Scented w/ Pure EOs * Paraben Free * Fragrance Free * Aluminum Free * Plastic Free * Vegan * Cruelty Free * Synthetic Free
  • Made in the USA with as many LOCALLY sourced ingredients as possible, to reduce the product's carbon footprint
  • HERBAL and PLASTIC FREE: ELEVATED Herbal Blend makes this Natural Deodorant ultra powerful.
  • VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE: Leaping Bunny Certified * Cruelty Free and VEGAN (Ingredients and finished products NOT tested on animals)

Directions: Apply 1-2 times daily. Use a pea size amount (a little goes a long day). Repeat if necessary. If irritation occurs stop use and try the super sensitive formula.

IngredientsOrganic raw shea butter, candelilla wax, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic rosemary, calendula, raw virgin macadamia nut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, ancient black seed oil, aluminum FREE baking soda, comfrey, lemon balm, rosemary, calendula, chamomile & high vibes healing!

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