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Dental floss: containers and refills



Never floss with plastic again!

Participate to our Recycling Program and switch to eco-friendly solutions!

"Did You Know?"  If everyone in the U.S. flosses their teeth according to ADA recommendations, every year our empty containers alone would fill a landfill the size of a football field that's six stories high. Just for the empty floss dispensers"

And the floss itself? You could circle the Earth with it 1,246 times. That's crazy!!

Dental Lace has a plastic-free solution to eliminate all this waste and we're very excited about it! 

  • It's 100% made of silk, no synthetic nylon
  • It's coated with an all natural candelilla wax (plant based), not petroleum based paraffin
  • The floss is fully compostable (home compost and industrial compost)
  • It's refillable!! Keep the glass container and next time order a refill of 2 spools
  • The cardboard box is recyclable, the small bag is made of compostable plastic

This product includes :  a refillable glass containers (pink, gray or blue) and 2 floss spools (33 yds each = 60 m).

The refill contains 2 spools of 33 yds each, no container.

Made in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

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