Black Cedar Facial Soap, 3.5oz


The Black Cedar Soap is the perfect way to kickstart your Zero Waste Voyage: using bar soap is one of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic packaging & associated pollution, and step into a zero waste skincare routine.

The black cedar soap colored with activated charcoal is the face's favorite soap! The deep and warm cedar aroma is released when the soap gets wet. This soap is versatile and may be used as a facial exfoliating soap, shaving soap (for men), or regular body soap. 

The organic coconut, olive and castor bean oils condition the skin, leaving it soft and nourished. The coconut oil helps create the beautiful, white lather. This soap is safe to use if you have perioral dermatitis.

Cruelty free, zero waste, plastic free.

Soap sold without the tin.

Product recommendations: this soap is made with natural ingredients, 98% of which are even certified organic food grade. However, some people are sensitive to essential oils or other ingredients like baking soda. If you are in doubt, we recommend testing on a small area of skin (such as the inside of your elbow) before full use. Cover the 'skin patch' with a hanker-chief over night. In the morning, check for signs of irritation or other skin sensitivity.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

IngredientsSaponified organic coconut oil (F), olive oil, castor bean oil with activated Bamboo Charcoal, and proprietary blend of forest-harvested essential oils. 

(F) Certified Fair Trade ingredient


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