All Natural Dish Cloth, Set of 2

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This reusable, all-purpose kitchen cloth is 100% plant-based, compostable and handmade.

Free of plastics and chemicals, Bambu's absorbent and attractive cloths are crafted from a blend of hemp and organic cotton– and nothing more. These durable cloths are the ideal tool for cleaning countertops, dishware, stainless appliances, and more.

Rather than opt for a single-use option made from “better” materials, our solution is a long-lasting, reusable cleaning cloth made from a blend of certified organic materials. They’re easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine and can be used time and time again.

We believe that the small details count. This is why every piece of material used is renewable and plant-based, from the fabric and the bamboo filler to the cotton thread and even the logo label. With a clean life cycle from start to finish, these dishcloths are compostable and biodegradable once no longer usable. When you’re ready to dispose of your dish cloth, it can be cut up and thrown into the compost.

  • Size: 7" square
  • Sold in a set of 2: One each in Terracotta and Navy.
  • Made from certified organic cotton/hemp blend
  • Label and thread are 100% cotton
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • End of life: Consider composting this after use. Cut it up into small pieces and add it to your compost.

Made sustainably in China.

Bambu is a Certified B Corporation: it's recognized as a businesses that meets among the world’s highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

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