Wisdom Supply Co.

2022 Zero Waste Planner


This is the most sustainable planner you will find, and we are excited to offer it again this year!

It's a limited edition: Wisdom Supply is a small company, so their print runs are also small, which means they sell out quickly.

This year's new dye-free cover material adds another level of sustainability to these zero-waste planners; using rapidly renewable fibers from straw and hemp means that for the first time there are multiple cover options.

Each new iteration brings a little tweak in design. This year you will find the new cover materials, the numbered weeks on the corner cuts (great suggestion from a customer), and a newly discovered font.

What will never change is Wisdom Supply's commitment to sustainability, local design + production, and true zero-waste design, start to finish.

  • 8.5" x 11 5/16" x 3/8"
  • 116 Pages
  • 52 Weeks (Monday through Sunday layout)
  • Monthly at-a-glance section (2 months per page)
  • 2 page spread per week (left page for scheduling, and right page for notes)
  • Corner cut guides at the bottom of the notes pages make it easy to flip to the current week - corner cut guides are marked with the week number (1-52)
  • Interior paper is 80#, and 100% post-consumer recycled
  • Pen markings do not bleed through
  • Planner Starting Week: Monday Dec 27, 2021
  • Planner Ending Week: Monday Jan 1, 2023

End of life: All Wisdom Planners are cover-to-cover 100% authentically recyclable - as opposed to "technically" recyclable - the company consults with waste haulers and recyclers to make sure there is true recycling value to their products at the end of their usefulness.

What makes other planners “trash":

  • Cover Materials: Fabric, leather, pleather, laminates
  • Binding Methods: Book-binding / spiral-binding
  • Do-dads: Elastic bands, ribbons, plastic tabs

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